The Castle Tap

Diversity & Accessibility Statement

We are committed to making the Tap a safe, welcoming and ‘user-friendly’ environment and work-place.  In order to do that we subscribe to the Everyone Welcome Initiative manifesto – so we will not accept any form of discrimination on any grounds including, but not limited to, gender, sexuality, race, religion or belief, social class, health, age or disability from staff, customers or suppliers (see the Initiative website, and posters & printed menu on our premises for more details).
In addition we aim to take positive steps to improve the experience of coming to the pub for everyone – this means forming and implementing policy to train staff in accessibility  & sensitivity, working on mitigating known issues and taking steps to act on recommendations.

Notes if you are planning a visit:

  • Entry
    • The Front door opens inward, it has one step from the street; there is a ledge for leaning as you enter on the left hand side.
    • The back door opens outward, it has a raised saddle; the door from the back room to the alley opens inward as does the door from the alley to the bar there is also a low step from the side alley into the main bar
    • Clear gangways are maintained allowing access to bar, toilets and doors.
    • Staff will assist where possible if requested
  • Toilets
    • Our toilets are currently labelled by binary gender – we recognise that this may be uncomfortable for non-binary and gender non-conforming/genderqueer etc people so we are working on signage that assists more people & appreciate recommendations.
      – all staff and customers are requested to use the toilet that they feel is most appropriate to their gender identity and to respect other people’s right to be in that toilet regardless of presentation; threats, harassment & sexual advances are not tolerated
    • There is one large cubicle which allows access for a manual wheelchair BUT there are no supporting hand holds for self-transfer and no hoists.
    • There are no low-level sinks but wipes and alcohol gel are provided.
    • There are no baby-change facilities
  • Bar
    • The height of the Bar itself may make it less accessible for some customers; however staff work to ensure a clear line of sight to display boards listing items for sale and the table by the bar provides a useful space for placing items at a lower level if necessary.
    • Most tables and chairs are not fixed if you would like assistance moving them to better suit your needs please ask
    • Lighting is moderate to low with strategic lamps to help with reading and lip-reading.
    • The bar can get noisy especially on gig nights, if you find this overwhelming the back room should provide a quieter space and/or a staff member may be able to help;
  • Other
    • Handwritten menus and notices may be difficult for reading apps but staff are trained to offer verbal information without comment
    • Staff are not BSL or Makaton trained but are expected to recognise several basic signs and offer pen and paper if appropriate.
    • We endeavour to make sure there are no flashing lights on the premises
    • We are a breast-feeding friendly establishment – please feed your child however feels most appropriate to you

      The Castle Tap is an old listed building that has an number of additions made without any consideration to accessibility, as such we acknowledge that it is not an ideal environment, especially for wheelchair users and the visually impaired.
      We would really like to hear what changes would make the most difference